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Year 1986

Christian Queinnec. ABC d'UNIX. Eyrolles, 1986. [Cover page]

Julian Padget, Jérôme Chailloux, Thomas Christaller, Ramon De Mantaras, Jeff Dalton, Matthieu Devin, John Fitch, Timm Krumnack, Eugen Neidl, Eric Papon, Stephen Pope, Christian Queinnec, Luc Steels, and Herbert Stoyan. Desiderata for the standardisation of Lisp. In LFP '86 - ACM Symposium on Lisp and Functional Programming, pages 54-66, 1986.

Christian Queinnec. De Lisp à Prolog, les langages de l'intelligence artificielle. Armées d'Aujourd'hui, (108), March 1986.

Christian Queinnec. Guida all'uso del linguaggio Lisp. Fronco Angeli, Milano (Italia), 1986.

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