Pedagogical Tools

Stay away of this page if you're not a teacher!

These tools are for teachers only! I assume you're one of them if you're still reading this. This page presents some of the programs I've written to manage courses. They might be useful for others. They are diffused under open licenses (GPL or Artistic).
FOGE2 The new version of the old FOGE module. This Perl module was rewritten by Rémy Bantos and David Haguenauer. The FOGE project is now hosted on SourceForge. See (soon) the live demo!
FOGE FOGE-latest.tar.gz A module to generate HTTP forms, store answers in databases, generate the SQL tables and display statistical results. Don't use FOGE, use FOGE2 instead!
Plagiat A perl script to detect plagiarism between files.
CFSkit CFSkit CFSkit ou comment concevoir et mettre en oeuvre une notation en masse.

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