Meroon: an Object System in Scheme

Meroon is an Object-Oriented System written in Scheme. Meroon V3 is the actual release (available since 1993) and has been ported to various Scheme systems: Bigloo, Elk, Scheme->C, scm4e1, MacScheme1.5, Gambit, PC-Scheme, PC-Scheme/Geneva, Vscm, MIT-Scheme, Guile, OScheme, MzScheme, EdScheme.

[New!] Meroon-V3 now works with MzScheme, EdScheme... Meroon-V3 also supports DSSSL keywords in Meroon special forms as well as in generic functions. See also Meroon nicely bound to Gambit (Many thanks to Brad Lucier for that fine work).

The distinctive features of Meroon were:

The source files of Meroon are available. You can also directly browse the documentation of Meroon or a research paper explaining parts of the implementation (and mainly how are compacted dispatchers).

A lightened version of Meroon exists, named Meroonet, in a single file, without libraries nor complex bootstrap. Meroonet is fully described in the LiSP book. Despite its pedagogical aspect, Meroonet is as fast as Meroon-V3 and only lacks many bells and whistles.  


The name `Meroon' stands for nothing; it was the name of my son's teddy bear.

A mailing list exists to discuss Meroon and Meroonet aspects (don't be shy, the level of exchanged messages is really reasonable):

You can subscribe by sending a message to

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