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Some Lisp Puns explained for non-English people

To lisp means to talk with a slight tongue defect that makes you pronounce "s" as "f". That's why G L Steele wrote, in a lambda paper, that "Lithp is winning again".

John Allen's book Anatomy of Lisp has a drawing as subtitle where you can see the implementation of an atom E of Lisp. According to the author, there are four more hidden puns in his book.

Benchmarks often start with functions such as fact and end with fib. Fact and fib are real words, the latter one meaning "lie". To use "fac" and "fibo" as abbreviations miss the point.

On June 3rd, 1998, I notice that "hex" (fem. "hexen") exists and is related to witchcraft. This is not exactly related to Lisp (as intended by this page) but quite often practiced in Computer Science.

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